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January 2009 Newsletter

Tip of the Month: Prized Possessions vs. Just Stuff


I've responded to a couple blog posts lately asking you to list your top 10 or top 25 possessions - the things you wouldn't want to live without. Let's exclude the pets for the moment. What else would make that list for you?


I found it interesting to walk around the house and ponder this. Most of the items I selected were art works that I wouldn't be able to replace, and that had a lot of sentimental value, too. The weather was cold, so my new comforter got onto that list. In retrospect, I might also add a few pieces of clothing that make me feel particularly wonderful every time I wear them.


If you try this exercise, notice if your favorite things are placed so you can see them, use them (for practical items) and appreciate them on a regular basis. Do they have places of honor in your household?If your photos are one of your most prized possessions, as they are for many people, are they properly stored and labeled so you'll be able to enjoy them in the years to come?


It's also interesting to note what doesn't make the list! As you walk through the house, look for anything that fits this description: It wouldn't really affect you if you never saw it again. Don Aslett lists that as one of his many categories of junk, and although junk sounds like a harsh word, his point is well taken; these are things you don't need in your life. Don's words have inspired me to give away the collection of vases that I can't use because the cats eat any cut flowers I bring into the house. It really won't affect me to never see them again.


If any of you try this exercise and want to share your lists or your insights, send them along and I'll include them in another newsletter - with your name or anonymously, as you prefer.



First Organizing Quote of the Month


A house is a machine to live in ... From which all superfluous and irritating ornaments should be banished.


-- A.L. Sadler, quoted by Discardia on Twitter



Second Organizing Quote of the Month


Basically we wear a room. We choose colors we feel good in, things that make us happy, textures that feel amazing. Consider the cut of a room, so to speak, the way you would choose a skirt or pants that fit you well. Make sure your sofa is comfortable. Don't tolerate things in your home because there are so many things outside the home that we have to put up with. When you're in your home, make sure it's exactly what you want.


-- Todd Oldham, quoted on Apartment Therapy



Organizing Product of the Month


to do list on green paper; includes call cat psychic


For all those who like using buckets for organizing, here's an interesting twist - paint bucket covers.



Donation Idea of the Month


Want to get really inspired to clean out the things you're not using? See if your local hospice organization has a wish list. Some things I've seen on wish lists that you might well have around the house are:

  • Clear plastic storage containers
  • Current issues of magazines
  • DVDs of current movies
  • Books and books on tape/CD
  • Blank note cards
  • 3-ring binders
  • Stickers
  • Blow dryers, curling irons, electric razors
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion (a good use for those unopened hotel toiletries you lugged home)


Highlights From My Blog in December


There were 24 entries in my organizing and de-cluttering blog in December. Some of the most popular entries were:


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