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July 2008 Newsletter

Tip of the Month: Haven't used it in a year? You can keep it anyway.


Someone told me recently that his first thought upon learning I'm a professional organizer is that I'm one of those people who will tell him to throw away anything he hasn't used in the last year.


But actually, I don't say that. Here's what I say instead.


  • You just told me you've always hated this. Sounds like something that you should get rid of, doesn't it?
  • It's never fit right? Maybe it's time to let it go to another home.
  • It was a gift from whom? Your ex-boyfriend? So how do you feel about it?
  • Shall we recycle this auto club guidebook from 1998?
  • Do you even have a computer that can read these old floppy disks?
  • Is there any reason you want to keep three copies of the same book?
    (Note: In one case, there really was a reason!)
  • Since your children are 4 and 6 now, is there any reason to hold onto the baby toys?
  • Do you love to create scrapbooks, or do you feel obliged to create scrapbooks?
  • Of course you can keep a few special "skinny clothes" to inspire you!
  • Courtesy of Peter Walsh: Does this item support the life you want to lead?


I find that many people have a lot of obvious clutter - the things that obviously don't need to be kept. Who needs 14 pens that don't write any more?


And I find that most people, if they stop and listen to their hearts, often know what items they want to keep - the ones that really enhance their lives. And they know which items they'll actually be glad to see depart the scene. So as you take on a decluttering project, take time to listen to that inner voice that tells you "that's really special" or "that's just not important any more."



Organizing Quote of the Month


On my vacation I was just reminded of the importance of PREVENTING clutter in all of our purchasing decisions. "Wow, so many shiny objects! Made by artisans! And they are bargaining with me! What a good deal!" ...


Souvenir literally means, in French, "to remember." Think about what you are bringing back with you from your travels -- when you see it years later in your home, will it still bring you pleasure, and will it really help you remember your trip?


-- Lorie Marrero, The Clutter Diet Blog, Stop the Souvenir Insanity



Organizing Product of the Month



to do list on green paper; includes call cat psychic

You can use the products from Wonderful Graffiti to label your drawers, your shelves, your storage boxes, etc. There's a huge range of fonts, colors, and sizes to choose from; you can use the labels they've suggested or type in your own.



Selling Your Stuff Suggestion of the Month


If you decide to sell stuff on eBay or craigslist, take the time to provide some good pictures. For suggestions on how to do this, head on over to Photojojo. (Found via Dumb Little Man and Lifehacker)



Organizing Statistics of the Month


Estimated number of pairs of gloves owned by Elizabeth I: 2,000

-- Harper's Magazine


Most full e-mail box seen by Kelly of The David Allen Company: 87,000 e-mails

-- GTD Times



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